Mini unit can be used horizontally
Mini unit can be used vertically
Mini unit light face contains 2 Philips PL01 36w tubes
Mini unit is portable from room to room
Mini unit has adjustable stand
Product Code: MiniNarrow

Mini Unit on stand with 2 Philips PL01 Narrowband 36w Tubes

4.73 out of 5 based on 11 customer ratings
(9 customer reviews)


Product Description

The mini unit is designed for people who suffer from psoriasis etc on localised areas eg. patches on arms/ legs etc. It is not suitable for people who are affected over a large body area. It has a light face of around 22inches and contains two 311nm Philips PL01 medical UVB narrowband tubes (these are a smaller version of the TL01 tube and use the same technology).

This unit is also excellent for helping Vitamin D levels.

0% Finance available

The unit comes on an adjustable tripod with a light face and uses 2 Philips PL01 36w narrowband tubes (it looks like 4 tubes as each PL01 tube is a double). This is a superb unit with 2 genuine Philips tubes, making it much more efficient than hand held models. Delivery is normally within 3 working days by carrier.

Light face is 570mm(22.5″) high, 300mm (12″) wide,  unit weight is 4.3Kg

The swivel stand allows you to use the unit at different angles, standing up (for hands, arms, body), over a chair (for knees/ legs/ feet) or over a bed (the tri-pod stand can make it difficult to use over some divans). The unit is black with 4 minute timer and total usage counter. Can be easily taken down and stored in a cupboard when not in use.

12 month warranty.


£890 with Free Delivery to Mainland Britain, orders outside Mainland Britain may incur extra shipping charges – Contact us for details.

Now available on 0% finance for a limited period – pay a deposit and the balance over 12 monthssubject to Terms and Conditions.   Finance provided by Memory Business Systems Ltd Consumer Credit Licence 667294

Declaration – I declare by ordering this product that I am suffering from a chronic disorder (or I am purchasing on behalf of someone that does). The product is being supplied to me for domestic or personal use under Notice 701/7 and is therefore VAT exempt.

Finance information

This product is available to purchase on 0% interest finance over a 12 month period. Please refer to the details below


Cash price:£890.00
First payment (Due after Delivery):£40.75
11 x monthly payments by Direct Debit of:£40.75
Interest at 0%:£0.00
Total payable:£890.00

9 reviews for Mini Unit on stand with 2 Philips PL01 Narrowband 36w Tubes

  1. 4 out of 5

    My daughter has been suffering from severe eczema which lead to infections from scratching and scaly skin that flaked all day. We had not luck with the hospital appointment after 6 months wait. I came across this UV lamp so decided to experiment- bought a small one as we didn’t expect much. We used this in sections to cover the entire body every second day for 3 months and I can’t say how please we are with the improvements it made. Flakiness all gone and red patches diminished. Itching still persists but nothing compared to what it was before. The only thing I would criticise is the stand- very unstable and not at all flexible. It can only go up and down and no rotation is possible. We have to hold the panel up lose to my daughter’s body instead of using the stand to suit where we want to expose the skin to. Better design or buy option without the stand needed.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I have suffered with psoriasis for many years and it has always responded well to uvb light i can honestly say that this has been a great buy for me and its been even better being able to treat my skin at home highly recommended
    Thanks Rob.

  3. 4 out of 5

    The item arrived damaged (so not a good start) but the problem was quickly solved and I had a replacement cover sent to me within 5 days of raising the issue. Since then I’ve had no problems with the unit and it works well treating psoriasis both on my elbows and hands.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Good morning, I purchased a UVB mini unit from you on 18 January 2018. A previous blood test in January revealed that my vitamin D level was 8.5, it should be over 50. I have been using the UVB mini unit since January according to manufacturer’s instructions. I have just had my blood re-checked for vitamin D levels. They are currently at 32, which the doctor said was remarkable. 32 is still too low, so I will have my blood re-checked at the end of June to see where the vitamin D level is. The increase is purely due to the UVB lamp. The weather to date has not been in any way amenable to getting any vitamin D from the sun. I do not have any vitamin D in my diet. So thank you very much for selling this UVB lamp. Best wishes, Julie Brean

  5. 5 out of 5

    I ordered a mini unit on Friday Jan 26th 2018 and had received it by Monday 29th January. The light unit and stand are securely packaged in separate parcels . The sales paperwork, receipt and warranty and extra goggles are shipped separately and I received those on Saturday Jan 27th. What super fast and efficient service! Brilliant..!!

    The unit itself is very portable and on its tripod stand does not take up too much space. The manual is easy to follow and the unit has a timer and total time spent. The unit required minimal assembly and I had it assembled within 5 minutes of unpacking it, with no special tools required other than a large Philips screwdriver its pretty much a one person job to get it together.

    My psoriasis responds very well to UVB and I’m delighted that the unit comes bona fide Philips TL01 tubes as used in previous hospital prescribed treatment. I’ve already had my first 30 second use last night and I’m looking forward to the benefit of being able to manage my condition as and when it flares within the comfort of my own home.

    Thank you!.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I’m sure you receive lots of photos but just wanted to show you the progress already in just a couple of weeks of using the lamp. I’ve attached a photo of my elbow.

    The best money I’ve ever spent! I’m so happy knowing I’ll be able to attend my friends wedding in February and actually wear a dress!

    Thank you and have a merry Christmas.

  7. 5 out of 5

    Hi. My name is Alan. I ordered one of the mini units yesterday morning.
    I just want to thank Richard, for talking to me, discussing the different models. It arrived less than 24 hours later! So I am really happy. I have assembled it and have already done a short session on my legs.
    So yeah, I am happy with the whole experience with your company. I will join a forum and write a good review. Thank you everyone involved in getting the product to me so fast.
    I am sure it will help me a Lot in getting my skin how it should be, it will be used a Lot this winter. Best regards Alan

  8. 5 out of 5

    Very quick delivery – Arrived in 3 days after order.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Arrived 3 days before delivery date with comprehensive instructions and guidelines

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