Hire a Canopy with Philips TL01 tubes

Please note we only have a limited number of units for hire – so you may be put on a waiting list and telephoned when one is available.

Hire a Canopy with 9 Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes

Local Hire

Based in Warrington, Cheshire, MBS Much Better Skin are pleased to offer our customers local hire of narrowband canopies, fitted with 9 Philips TL01 narrowband tubes, for UVB light therapy treatment at home.  Local areas include those with the postcodes starting with: BL, CH, L, M, OL, PR, SK, WA, and WN.

You may want to hire one of our Philips Narrowband Phototherapy Units for treating conditions such as psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema or vitamin D deficiency. By using this light therapy canopy, most people can be expected to see their symptoms clear or improve significantly within four to eight weeks.

Full length 9 Tube narrowband UVB canopy units can be hired from  £100 for 4 weeks. 

We would recommended an initial hire period of 8 weeks.

This initial hire period mirrors treatment in the health service which aims for improvements over a 4 to 8 week period.

We only hire the canopy with the full 9 Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes for full body coverage. A comprehensive instruction booklet is supplied to detail your session times and safe usage of the equipment. Goggles are also provided to protect your eyes.

Please note – id and credit/debit card details required as security.

Delivery charges will cost an additional £10-80 depending on your location. This fee is inclusive of both the delivery and collection of the unit. This amount will be taken just before delivery from either your debit or credit card.

Outside the local area (not one of the postcodes above)

If you live outside our local area are welcome to still hire our canopy units (at the same rate and terms documented above), but it is necessary to collect the unit yourself, and a deposit of £1000 is needed, which will be refunded on the return of the unit intact.



We are confident our units will work for you.

We also offer the incentive that if you decide to buy your own unit from us after your hire, we can deduct up to £180 from a brand-new unit, or negotiate the price on your existing hired unit.

So you can try before you buy !

If you are interested in finding out more about our canopy hire, please call us from one of the following numbers:

0800 612 0954

01925 694280

0203 507 0173

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