Philips Narrowband TL01 and PL01 Tubes

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Here at MBS, we only supply the market leading Philips TL01 and PL01 narrowband tubes (for sale and in all our units). It’s a simple philosophy – we think your skin deserves the best treatment, so we only offer the best in medical bulbs.

Philips narrowband tubes are the world leading tubes recommended by both doctors and dermatologists and used in hospitals and clinics worldwide. There have been over 400 independent studies that conclude – the Philips range of narrowband tubes are the best in the world for treating various skin conditions (psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema and several other skin conditions that react positively to UVB light and they are also beneficial for improving and increasing vitamin D levels.)

These bulbs are of the highest quality, with 19.5 UVB irradiance at the skin’s surface and a 78% UVB output to the total UV output (with the vast majority at the therapeutic wavelength of 311 nanometres). Other tubes simply do not compare or provide the same quality treatment.

If you are a chronic sufferer (where the condition is constant or recurs frequently), you can benefit from VAT exemption on all our light therapy units and the Philips Narrowband tubes.

Please note – These are tubes only. The narrowband units are sold separately.