UVB Canopy Units

Our range of UVB canopy units are popular, possibly due to the fact that they offer full length body coverage both standing up or lying down. They provide customers with hospital style treatment in the home and are suitable for skin conditions ranging from mild to moderate, to severe.

There are four different styles of UVB light therapy canopies, using different combinations of Philips TL01 narrowband tubes. Units are available with 4 Philips TL01 tubes with 5 RUVA tubes and priced at £1,180. There’s also an option for one with 7 Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes and 2 RUVA tubes at £1,350. Lastly, our most popular selling unit, a canopy with 9 Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes at £1,455.

The above UVB phototherapy canopy units offer a contemporary design with dual timers and UVB transparent safety shields, and are robustly practical, aiming to help you towards much improved and possibly clear skin within approximately 4 to 8 weeks. Slightly curved to the contours of the body and by having a session on your front and then on your back it provides you with the ultraviolet light therapy on the whole body.

The cheapest option contains 5 Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes and costs £1,098, this is a metallic design and a narrower light face and is suitable for mild to moderate conditions.

Orders on canopies are available at 0% finance. Moreover, clients with chronic skin conditions can purchase these products with exemption of VAT. Chronic conditions are those which are either constantly present, or those with regularly recur and this applies to most psoriasis and vitiligo sufferers and in some cases eczema, scleroderma and dermatitis sufferers as well.

To find out more about our different canopy units, please refer to the individual item descriptions, or get in touch through our contact page.

0% finance is available on all our canopies

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    9 Tube Canopy with 9 Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes

    £1,455.00 Buy now

    9 Tube Canopy with 7 Philips TL01 Narrowband + 2 RUVA Tubes

    £1,350.00 Buy now

    9 Tube Canopy with 4 Philips TL01 Narrowband + 5 RUVA Tubes

    £1,180.00 Buy now

    Metallic Canopy with 5 Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes

    £1,098.00 Buy now