Vitamin D Lamp

At MBS we offer a range of specialist UVB lamps for vitamin D deficiency, using the market-leading specialist equipment, each of our kits is made to the highest standards to ensure the best results possible. UVB light is used for those with a vitamin D deficiency as it triggers the production of the vitamin in the skin, similarly to the way natural sunlight does, making it an ideal at-home remedy.

Vitamin D is vital for a healthy body. However, vitamin D deficiency is incredibly common with around 1 billion people worldwide suffering from low levels. Although vitamin D can be reintroduced to the body in a number of ways, for some people who struggle to maintain healthy levels, additional help may be needed – and that’s where we come in.

There are a number of reasons for why someone may suffer from low vitamin D levels, including:

  • Limited exposure to sunlight
  • Vegan diet
  • Having dark skin
  • Being elderly

Vitamin D is crucial in assisting the body to absorb necessary calcium and phosphate from our diet, which is why those who don’t eat dairy or milk are most likely to struggle with a vitamin D deficiency. The minerals we require through vitamin D are vital for strong bones, teeth and muscles. Someone struggling with low levels of vitamin D will often feel fatigued and may also struggle with regular headaches and muscle soreness. Vitamin D deficiency has also been associated with increased susceptibility to infection and an increased auto-immune response (an increased autoimmune response is not a good thing, it is in fact the immune system overreacting and overstimulating a response against healthy tissues).

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If you’re looking for an effective UV lamp for vitamin D, why not get in touch with us to talk through the options available?