Hand-held UVB Lamp for Eczema

At MBS we offer a Hand-held UVB Lamp for Eczema. Eczema is a dry skin condition, it is not contagious, you cannot catch it from someone else. It is a condition which varies from person to person and comes in many different forms. Eczema is also known as dermatitis.

In the medical profession, UVB is a second line therapy which is generally prescribed after (1st line) treatments with topical corticosteroids & topical creams have been tried and have failed.

Narrowband UVB Phototherapy treats eczema symptoms:

  • Reducing itching
  • Calming inflammation
  • Increasing vitamin D production

Narrowband UVB Phototherapy is a medically recognised treatment for the following forms of Eczema:

About 70% of people with eczema respond positively to UVB Phototherapy. In addition to treating eczema and alleviating the condition, Narrowband UVB light therapy can put the condition into a remitted or passive state long after the initial symptoms and sensitivity has been treated & relieved.

For an independent introduction to Narrowband UVB light treatment for eczema please refer to:

Narrowband UVB phototherapy, is a well-established therapy used within the NHS and by dermatologist world-wide, who prescribe it for the treatment of eczema.

Whether you suffer from localised or full body eczema, you’ll find a solution that suits you from our selection of market-leading UVB light therapy units.