n-UVB Hand-held & Mini Units

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  • n-UVB Hand Held Lamp by Saalmann with Philips PL01 311nm tube

    Philips n-UVB Hand Held Lamp by Saalmann treats Psoriasis & Vitiligo


    We are the UK distributor for Saalmann® medical GmbH & Co. KG. This German manufactured Hand Held n-UVB Phototherapy Lamp is Certified as a Class IIa Medical device and complies with the latest European (EU MDR) and UK (MHRA) Regulatory requirements. It carries a 4 year Manufacturer’s Warranty.

  • Partial Body Mini UVB Phototherapy Unit for Psoriasis or Vitiligo

    Partial Body Mini UVB Phototherapy Unit


    This Partial Body mini UVB Phototherapy Unit  is designed for people who suffer from Psoriasis, Vitiligo and other skin conditions which respond well to treatment with UVB light. The unit is designed for treating large localised areas of Psoriasis or Vitiligo eg. large patches on arms/ legs at home. However, if your whole body is…

Hand-held & Mini Units

Our n-UVB Hand-held & Mini Units are specially designed to treat small patches of psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema etc. on the hands, scalp, elbows, knees, and so on. They are perfect for treating one or two localised areas.

The hand-held UVB lamps are fitted by the German manufacturer  with a Philips PL01 Narrowband Tube and comes with a removable comb attachment, UK plug, timer, goggles and instruction booklet.

The mini unit comes with a stand and uses two of the Philips Narrowband PL01 36w tubes. The swivel stand allows you to adjust the angles, and can be used standing up, over a chair, or over a bed (in some cases). The unit is also useful at treating small localised areas and is more powerful and has a larger light face than the handheld unit but is not suitable for treating large areas of the body.

Our Mini unit comes with a 12-month warranty and 0% finance is available on this item.

Our Hand Held  device carries a 4 year manufacturers warranty when used in a domestic setting or 2 years if used in a clinical setting.

Please note – these devices are not suitable for those who suffer from a skin condition over the whole body or for people who have many small patches. People who suffer from a more widespread skin condition need to look at our range of UVB narrowband canopies and cabinets for that complete full body and all over treatment.

Before you make your purchase, we would love to speak to you to address any questions, concerns or issues that you may have.

Our customers are generally extremely well informed about n-UVB Phototherapy, but we like to talk to our customers to offer a more personalised service.

To get an idea of how we treat our customers, take a look at the independent Google reviews on our Google Business Page

  • We are available via phone  on 01925 694280 or email  sales@treatpsoriasistl01uvblamps.co.uk to discuss any questions you may have.
  • We are happy to talk to your Dermatologist or Doctor if you prefer.
  • Our aim is to offer a personalised service to try and offer advice on the most appropriate device for your condition.
  • Please be patient with us, if your phone call is not answered, we are most likely speaking with another customer (most of our calls are quite lengthy).
  • We guarantee that if you leave us a message with your phone number or email us, we will contact you as soon as possible.

At MBS we are also able to retail phototherapy devices to  chronic sufferers free of  VAT. A chronic condition means either that the condition is constant,  or it recurs frequently.