What is UVB narrowband?

UVB Narrowband is a phrase used to describe the light used in current medical Phototherapy treatment

UVB Narrowband Phototherapy is a well-established treatment for a variety of skin conditions, notably Psoriasis, Vitiligo & Eczema. It is commonly the 2nd treatment option that your Dermatologist will prescribe. If topical treatments, creams & ointments fail as the 1st line treatment option. You will commonly be offered a course of phototherapy by your Dermatologist or GP referring you to a Dermatology Centre.

Phototherapy treatment works to alleviate skin conditions by exposing affected areas to light.

Medical science has refined and defined specific wavelengths of light that are most beneficial and least harmful. For Phototherapy this is UVB narrowband light at 311nm.

This UVB light, within a specific narrow range (311nm – 313nm), can be produced by specialist medical fluorescent lamps. We only use the Philips range of tubes which are used in the NHS specifically for this treatment to produce UVB narrowband light with peak output at 311nm.

UVB narrowband phototherapy treatment is offered by the NHS and is recognised globally throughout the medical profession.

At MBS, we specialise in  a range of light therapy units, designed for use within your own home, enabling you to benefit from the same UVB Narrowband treatment that you would receive if you used similar equipment for Phototherapy in a hospital or care centre.

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UVB treatment at home for Mild Conditions

Hand held and Mini units

UVB Lamps for Mild Conditions

Lamps ideal where less than 3 % of body affected.
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Full body coverage

Moderate to Severe Conditions

Full body coverage for Moderate to Severe Conditions

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Hospital style UVB cabinets

Hospital quality treatment in your own home

Our range of devices are designed specifically to offer you the most appropriate treatment based on the severity of your condition. From hand held devices that will treat small localised areas, through to 6ft units delivering hospital style full body coverage.

Treatment of your condition when it flares, in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Our team offer Pre-sales advice and Post-sales support to assist your choice of the right product for your condition and ensure timely delivery.