Full Body Narrowband Cabinets with Philips TL01 Tubes

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    Full Body Cabinet with 24 Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes

    £4,550.00 Buy now / more details

    Full Body Cabinet with 12 Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes + 12 RUVA Tubes

    £3,960.00 Buy now / more details

Full body UVB phototherapy narrowband cabinet units, containing up to 24 Philips TL01 Medical Narrowband Tubes. This is hospital style treatment for psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema etc. available in the comfort of your own home.

This cabinet provides the body with full coverage in one session, and can treat conditions that range from moderate through to severe, very severe and even extreme skin conditions. Just a few seconds every other day and you should see a dramatic improvement in your condition in approx. 4 to 8 weeks.

Alternatively, we also have a narrowband phototherapy cabinet with 12 Philips TL01 tubes along with 12 RUVA tubes – still the same full body coverage but a little less powerful.

The cabinet comes in either white or silver. You stand inside the cabinet and the tubes completely surround the individual with a full 360-degree coverage in one session, capable of reaching every inch of skin. Individuals can purchase this equipment for use at home, where you can use the Philips technology to give yourself hospital quality treatment and results.

Using standard 13-amp sockets, it has the benefit of various safety measures, including dual timers, safety guards, body breeze system and total usage counter.

These cabinets are available for £4,550 when using the 24 Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes, and £3,960 for the option of combining 12 Philips TL01 tubes with the 12 RUVA tubes.

Philips narrowband tubes are the world leading tubes recommended by both doctors and dermatologists and used in hospitals and clinics worldwide for treating various skin conditions (psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema and several other skin conditions that react positively to UVB light).

These bulbs are of the highest quality, with 19.5 UVB irradiance at the skin’s surface and a 78% UVB output to the total UV output (with the vast majority at the therapeutic wavelength of 311 nanometres). Other tubes simply do not compare or provide the same quality treatment.

When you make a purchase, you can purchase outright or alternatively 0% finance is available for all our cabinets. Furthermore, customers with chronic skin conditions are able to purchase these items excluding VAT. The definition of chronic is that the condition is constant, or it frequently recurs and this applies to most psoriasis and vitiligo sufferers and in some cases eczema, scleroderma and dermatitis sufferers as well.

All units are issued with a full treatment guide/ instruction booklet and safety goggles.

0% finance is available on all our cabinets

Free Delivery and setup within 10 working days to most of Mainland Britain (see terms and conditions for exceptions)