Hospital style n-UVB Phototherapy Cabinet with 12 Philips TL01 311nm tubes

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UVB Light Therapy Cabinet Whole body treatment for Psoriasis at home Hospital style n-UVB Phototherapy Cabinet with 12 Philips TL01 311nm tubes

Stand up cabinet for 360 degree coverage, containing 12 Philips TL01 Medical Narrowband Tubes (maximum 311nm UVB) and 12 RUVA tubes. Treat all areas with one treatment – front, back and sides.

Market leading new design, manufactured in the UK – robust metallic construction. Twin safety timers, body breeze and total usage monitor. Exactly the same features as the 24 tube cabinet, but containing the mixture of tubes. RUVA tubes are a cheaper tube that emit up to 4% UVB, compared to 78% UVB from a Philips TL01 narrowband tube. They don’t emit as much light at 311nm as the Philips TL01 UVB narrowband tubes, but are ideal for treating skin conditions that are not as severe as those requiring the full 24 UVB tubes.

These Hospital style Cabinets are designed to replicate the treatment provided in Hospitals and Dermatology Centres. Step into the Cabinet for 360 degree coverage. Designed for installation in a domestic setting these Cabinets are powered by 2 standard 13 amp UK plugs and do not require a 2 Phase power supply.

Treat all areas with one treatment – Providing full body coverage, front, back and sides are exposed to the n-UVB light in a single treatment session.

With full body coverage, this unit is suitable for moderate and severe skin conditions.

0% Finance available

Full length narrowband tubes, up to 24 x Philips TL01 100w UVB 311nm – high UVB irradiance (19.5 as new, reducing to 17.7 at the skins surface – 78% UVB to total UV output)

  • Psoriasis & Vitiligo UVB light therapy replicating Hospital Phototherapy Cabinets for Home use.
  • Modern five sided cabinet containing 24 tubes – giving maximum full body 360 degree coverage.
  • 12 Philips Narrowband Tubes and 12 RUVA tubes
  • Use standing up, with tubes all around you – use with door open or closed, door is fully hinged.
  • Twin Safety Timers (max 4 mins)
  • Fan unit to keep you cool when using the unit
  • Metallic safety guards and polished reflectors, easy tube cleaning.
  • High capacity cooling fans, drawing air through the 9 louvre vents on each side..
  • Total Usage counter – monitor your accumulative times
  • Each side (5 in total)  is – Length 1840mm (73ins), width 580 mm (21ins), centre panel (with controls) is slightly wider – widest point of cabinet is 970mm (39 ins) and narrowest is 870mm(35 ins).
  • Available in White or Black.
  • Power supply single 13AMP Plug
  • Two year guarantee.
  • British manufactured using highest quality components.
  • Market Leader – Excellent Results!

Suitable for moderate/severe full body conditions. Free delivery to most of Mainland Britain (see Terms and Conditions for exceptions), delivered with full instruction booklet and goggles.

Having either been prescribed or, in many cases, having experienced Narrowband UVB therapy in the NHS, our customers come to us to replicate the treatment that they have received.

None of our competitors offer the extensive range of UVB devices that we offer to mirror treatment regimes in Private & Public healthcare practice.

Customers who have been prescribed or experienced UVB Phototherapy in the NHS in recent years will recognise that the n-UVB light therapy is well established and highly effective.

However, the treatment requires absolute consistency. In order to be effective, typically, light therapy requires exposure to n-uvb light for very short periods of time (between 30 seconds and a maximum of 4 minutes) 2-3 times each week, over period of 8 weeks or more.

If the prescribed regime is not followed rigorously (i.e. consecutive sessions are missed) the results are drastically less effective. With long waiting lists for NHS treatment and limited resources, some health care trusts will caution patients that they will not be able to offer treatment if appointments are missed. UVB Phototherapy at home enables patients to schedule treatment sessions at their own convenience in their own homes. No time off work, transport costs, parking charges to attend hospital sessions.

Home UVB light therapy enables you to easily and effectively manage your condition, which, in turn, will change your quality of life.

£6180 with Free Delivery and Installation in Mainland Britain, orders outside Mainland Britain will incur extra shipping charges – Contact us for details.
Now available on 0% finance – pay a deposit and the balance over 12 or 15 monthssubject to Terms and Conditions.   Finance provided by Memory Business Systems Ltd Consumer Credit Licence 667294

Declaration – I declare by ordering this product that I am suffering from a chronic disorder (or I am purchasing on behalf of someone that does). The product is being supplied to me for domestic or personal use under Notice 701/7 and is therefore VAT exempt.

What is UVB Phototherapy?

UVB Phototherapy is an established and effective treatment that has been used in the NHS and globally since the 90’s. Research prior to this established the most therapeutic (and safest) form of UVB to be “Narrowband” UVB (NB-UVB, n-UVB) which is light in the 311nm-313nm spectrum.

n-UVB Phototherapy exposes the skin to this therapeutic light to treat disorders such as Psoriasis, Vitiligo and Eczema.

These disorders are recognised as immune mediated conditions, triggered when the body’s immune system does not function “normally” and becomes overactive.

  • For example, in the case of Psoriasis, the normal skin cell life cycle is accelerated from 4 weeks to 3-4 days resulting in immature skin cells being pushed to the surface of the skin.
  • Or, with Vitiligo, where the immune system is similarly triggered into overactivity, which ultimately causes the destruction of melanocyte cells. Destruction of these cells results in the depigmentation of the skin.

UVB Phototherapy works by affecting a number of biological processes associated with these skin conditions. UVB Phototherapy has a mediating effect on the immune response in the skin, moderating the immune system response to “normal levels” resulting in reduced inflammation, a return to “normal” pigmentation, reduced itchiness and scaling.

Why UVB Phototherapy at home rather than via the NHS?

UVB light therapy involves exposing the skin to the light for very short periods of time. Typically, this exposure will be between 30 seconds and a maximum of 4 minutes, 2-3 times each week, typically seeing results within 4 to 8 weeks. Please note these estimations carefully.  UV Phototherapy is extremely effective, but only if you stick to the treatment regime rigorously.

Contrasting NHS Phototherapy treatment appointments with UVB Phototherapy at home.

  • If you have a n-UVB phototherapy device at home, treating yourself 4 times per week becomes very simple.
  • You do not need to allocate any time for the treatment. You can integrate your 30 second – 4-minute exposure in your daily schedule, after a shower in the morning or your bath at night.
  • No time off work. No awkward conversation regarding your condition.
  • No problem sticking to the treatment schedule. You only have to find a spare 4 minutes somewhere in your day.
  • No travelling to a treatment centre.
  • No costs associated with attending a hospital appointment.
  • UVB Light treatment at home puts you permanently at the front of the queue for treatment.
    • If you miss a few sessions – Not a problem, just restart the course!
    • If your Psoriasis flares up – You can treat yourself immediately!
    • You can take control of the management of your condition!
    • Knowing that you can control your condition reduces the amount of stress associated with a flare. This can break the vicious circle where stressing exacerbates Psoriasis.

At MBS we have endeavoured to make the same n-UVB Phototherapy that is available to patients in a Hospital available to patients at home.

To get an idea of how we treat our customers, take a look at the independent Google reviews on our Google Business Page

  • We are available via phone  on 01925 694280
  • Or email to discuss any questions you may have.
  • We are happy to talk to your Dermatologist or Doctor if you prefer.
  • Our aim is to offer a personalised service to try and offer advice on the most appropriate device for your condition.

Finance information

This product is available to purchase on 0% interest finance over a 12 month period. Please refer to the details below


Cash price:£5,950.00
Balance due today:£3,000.00
12 x monthly payments by Direct Debit of:£250.00
Interest at 0%:£0.00
Total payable:£5,950.00

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2 reviews for Hospital style n-UVB Phototherapy Cabinet with 12 Philips TL01 311nm tubes

  1. Nick Jones

    They’ve been very helpful with advice and their email communications from Amal have been very prompt when I enquired regarding replacement tubes, thank you. My wife has been using the cabinet for 3 years and it has helped her psoriasis hugely

  2. Bradley

    Hi Kevin, Just to let you know I’m really please, I bought a cabinet off you 6 weeks ago and my skin is much better now – a big thank you to yourself and all your staff.

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