Overview of MBS Units

At MBS we sell high quality, British manufactured units using the highly regarded Philips TL01 High UVB 311nm Narrowband Tubes. Hospital Treatment in the convenience of your home. Best tubes give best results. Philips TL01 are the only certified tube in the UK for the treatment of Psoriasis

We have units to suit all severities/conditions, ranging from hand held units, mini units through to full length canopies and complete body cabinets prices range from £247 to £7810 , all for use in the comfort of your own home.

Now VAT FREE for chronic sufferers.

Units with Philips TL01 Narrowband
As from 23/03/2016 MBS have gained VAT exemption for Narrowband units containing Philips Narrowband tubes. The products shown here are VAT exempt (exempt price shown) for customers suffering from “chronic” medical conditions (The definition of “chronic” is that the condition is constant, or recurs frequently) e.g. most psoriasis/ vitiligo sufferers and in some cases eczema, scleroderma and atopic dermatitis etc MBS have three main units with various options available:-
  1. Full length canopy unit provides full length body coverage.
  2. Cabinet  unit, standup up with the tubes all around you. Coverage for the whole body.
  3. Smaller units are available for localised treatment eg. Arms, face, legs etc.

Option - Full length Canopy up to 9 Philips TL01 Tubes

  • Full length narrow band tubes Philips TL01 100w UVB 311nm – high UVB (17.7 UVB irradiance at the skins surface)
  • Modern curved UPVC design for maximum coverage
  • Tilted to any angle – use horizontal or vertical
  • Accurate Twin Safety Timers
  • Adjustable metal stand on casters
  • Acrylic Safety screens
  • Length 1900mm (75ins), width 685mm (27ins)
  • Twelve month guarantee
  • British manufactured
  • Market Leader – Excellent Results !

These units can be tailored to suit your individual requirements (and your pocket). The Philips TL01 medical high UVB tubes aren’t cheap, but we can build the canopies to contain a combination of the medical narrowband and normal sunbed tubes. You decide the number of medical narrowband tubes based on your condition and finances – you can choose from 4, 7 or the full 9 as standard. (other quantities please ring for a quote). Our canopy units can be used standing up or lying down (vertically and horizontally).This is our most popular model, can be moved and stored in the corner of a room when not in use. Prices range between £2210 and £2650 (no extras to pay) depending on number of Philips TL01 Tubes used in the unit.

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Option - Full length Metallic Canopy with 5 Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes

We have developed a new 5XPhilips TL01 Narrowband Tube Canopy in conjunction with a major British Manufacturer. All metallic design (coated white), metallic safety guard, twin timers on a swivel stand. Can be used horizontally or vertically. Excellent unit at an economy price of £2180 (inc. delivery and installation). Not as wide, and of different construction to our more expensive canopy, but using the same Philips TL01 Full length Narrowband tube Technology.

Height 1840mm (73ins), unit width 580mm (21ins) with light face of 420mm (15ins).

The main differences between the metallic “economy unit” and the more expensive “UPVC” 9 Tube canopy other than their physical appearance and construction are:-

  • UPVC canopy has a wider light face and hence greater body coverage/treatment area.
  • UPVC canopy is slightly curved to fit the contours of your body – economy unit is flat.
  • UPVC canopy can hold up to 9xPhilips TL01 Tubes – “economy” unit has maximum of 5.
  • UPVC canopy has acrylic safety guard with UV transparency – “economy” unit has metallic safety guards.

Both units are great units and will treat your skin and get your condition under control.

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Option - Full Body Cabinet with upto 24 Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes

Developed with a UK Manufacturer, the ultimate home use psoriasis, eczema, vitamin D deficiency, vitiligo, acne and scleroderma treatment. A full 5 sided cabinet, available in  a choice of colour – white or silver. There are 24 Philips TL01 Medical  Narrowband Tubes (or, optionally 12 Phillips Narrowband and 12 RUVA tubes) spread over the five sides. You stand inside, close the door and the tubes are all around you – front, back and sides. 360 degree full body coverage. The unit has two safety timers, metallic safety guards to protect the tubes, cooling breeze system and total usage/ exposure counter – it works off two normal 13 amp sockets. Prices include delivery and installation (£6180 to £7810).

  • Full length narrowband tubes, up to 24 x Philips TL01 100w UVB 311nm – high UVB (17.7 UVB irradiance at the skins surface – 78% UVB to total UV output)
  • Modern five sided cabinet containing 24 tubes – giving maximum full body 360 degree coverage.
  • Can either have 24 Philips Narrowband tubes or 12 Narrowband and 12 RUVA
  • Use standing up, with tubes all around you – use with door open or closed, door is fully hinged.
  • Twin Safety Timers (max 4 mins)
  • Body Breeze to keep you cool when using the unit
  • Metallic safety guards and polished reflectors, easy tube cleaning.
  • High capacity cooling fans, drawing air through the 9 louvre vent on each side..
  • Total Usage counter – monitor your accumulative times
  • Each side (5 in total)  is – Length 1840mm (73ins), width 580 mm (21ins), centre panel (with controls) is slightly wider – widest point of cabinet is 970mm (39 ins) and narrowest is 870mm(35 ins).
  • Available in White or Silver.
  • Powered by single 13AMP Plug
  • Two year guarantee.
  • British manufactured using highest quality components.
  • Market Leader – Excellent Results!

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Option Mini Narrowband Unit - Philips Narrowband

This narrowband mini-unit is ideal for treating small areas of psoriasis, vitiligo etc and is excellent for treating smaller patches on the body – especially good for treating just hands, arms and legs. However, if you are affected over large parts of the body (ie. have many small patches or larger patches) this unit will not be sufficient for your needs, and you will need to consider a larger canopy that will give you a greater body coverage. This unit is not suitable for people who are affected over a large body area.

The unit comes on an adjustable tripod stand using the Philips PL01/(TL01) 36w  UVB Narrowband Tubes. Light unit (not including stand) is 570mm(22.5″), width 300mm (12″) weight is 4.3Kg

The swivel stand allows you to use the unit standing up (face, arms, elbows, arms), over a chair (legs, knees, feet) or over a bed (the tripod stand can make it difficult to use over some divans). The unit is black with 4 minute timer and total usage counter. Can be easily taken down and stored in a cupboard when not in use.

Superb unit for £990 (inc. delivery), with two genuine Philips 36w tubes, making it much more efficient than hand held models. Delivery is normally within 3 working days

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Option - Hand Held UVB Unit

Small Hand Held Unit – treat hands, feet, scalp etc. Much smaller light face than the mini-unit, just for treating small affected areas. Philips PL01 Narrowband 9w tube. Use 3 or 4 times per week. Contains scalp hair attachment, timer, goggles and full instruction booklet . Retailing at £247 we keep these German manufactured medical devices in stock permanently. Delivery is  within 3 working days. 

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