Is Phototherapy safe?

Is It Safe Using Phototherapy to Treat Psoriasis?

Yes, it is safe to use phototherapy in order to treat psoriasis. In fact, it’s a smart treatment strategy, as most people (98.8%) who embrace phototherapy experience significant improvement of psoriasis symptoms. Consistent treatment is the key to successful results but it is important that you have the right light therapy utilising the leading Philips TL01 Narrowband tubes. This is why many people invest in our top-rated and reasonably-priced phototherapy canopies and full body cabinets.There are also mini-units and handheld units for treating mild and small patches of psoriasis 

We are proud to offer this cutting-edge and respected psoriasis treatment to our clients, by giving them access to the best phototherapy equipment containing the market leading Phillips UVB Narrowband Lamps. Designed for home use, these machines are well-made, dependable and designed to provide relief. They are simple to use and come with comprehensive full instructions.

We Offer Great Phototherapy Equipment

We provide a diverse range which gives our customers access to different styles and sizes of phototherapy equipment. We are committed to offering choices which work in an array of spaces, for an assortment of budgets and more importantly a range of severities. .

If you live in the UK and you want the ultimate in self-care for psoriasis, you’ll find that investing in a UVB lamp unit with Philips Narrowband TL01 and PL01 tubes from our website is really smart. You’ll take control by being able to access consistent treatment whenever it is convenient for you. Our machines aren’t sun beds and we don’t recommend sun beds for this type of treatment. We provide specialised machines utilising Philips Narrowband Light Technology, which are just right for those who suffer from psoriasis. 

How to Find Out More

Since phototherapy is recommended by the National Psoriasis Foundation, it’s definitely a treatment to consider. You’ll love the freedom and convenience of doing your own treatments at home, hospital type treatment in comfort and at a time that suits you ! The cost of your phototherapy equipment will be a great investment. If you have questions about our products or anything else pertaining to phototherapy for psoriasis, be sure to contact us today. We are standing by to give you the assistance and answers that you need.

Also, we encourage you to check out all of the phototherapy machines that we have to offer on our website. They all offer benefits, although they are all different. When you check out the choices, you should be able to find a phototherapy machine which would be perfect for you.

Now is the right time to access the advantages of phototherapy. When you choose the right machine, via our trusted and reputable company, you may experience impressive symptom improvement over time (usually 4 to 8 weeks). In most cases, our clients find that phototherapy works better than any other treatment options that they’ve tried in the past. They stick to phototherapy consistently because it makes them look and feel better!