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Phototherapy UVB Lamps to Help Produce Vitamin D

How important is vitamin D to you? There is an alarming increase in vitamin D deficiency, particularly in the UK. Some estimate that around 10 million people across England have a low vitamin D status. MBS Much Better Skin have 20 years of experience providing UVB lamps for skin treatments, including vitamin D deficiency. What are some of the negative effects associated with this deficiency? Symptoms including bone or muscle weakness and pain, fatigue and generally feeling unwell. In some cases, stress fractures can even occur. A lack of UVB light is especially evident in the wintertime, due to a high latitude. How can vitamin D deficiency be treated? In addition to a balanced diet and adequate sunlight, phototherapy is another way to increase vitamin D levels. It is a fact that exposure to UVB helps increase Vitamin D levels.

Phototherapy UVB Lamps

Sunlight is commonly seen as the enemy of skin cells. Exposure to too much sun can obviously cause serious damage, However, the sun’s UVB rays are necessary to help produce vitamin D in the human body, which is vital for healthy skin. It is also important to receive adequate levels of UVB rays for the absorption of calcium, which contributes to a healthy immune system. Phototherapy UVB Lamps manufactured by Philips (known as UVB TL01/ PL01 Narrowband lamps) emit large quantities of UVB light and this technology can be used to help stimulate the production of vitamin D. It is important that the treatments of UVB light is carefully controlled, as too much can definitely burn the skin. Phototherapy UVB lamps can also cause skin cancer, if not use correctly under strict treatment times. We provide comprehensive, easy to understand instructions with all of our UVB lamps.

Treating Vitamin D with Our Phototherapy UVB Lamps

There are a number of medical studies that have demonstrated the benefits of UVB narrowband in producing vitamin D. Our Philips Narrowband (NB) lamps produce UV light and 78% of this is UVB, which is useful in the treatment of vitamin D deficiency. Because of the effectiveness of this approach, common treatment times can vary from a few seconds, to no more than one or two minutes. This technology aims to reduce the risks associated with hazardous UVA light and focus on the more useful UVB light.

Philips TL01 High UVB Narrowband Tubes

Is it possible to receive the same UVB hospital treatment, at home? You can, with our Philips TL01 High UVB Narrowband Tubes, which are suitable for home use. We have a variety of units suitable for increasing Vitamin D levels, in particular we would recommend either the mini unit or the full body canopy. This full body design allows you to use it standing up, or use it over a bed. It is equipped with safety timers to provide you full protection. It is designed to be used for a variety of skin complaints, as well as a vitamin D deficiency treatment program. Its flexibility means that you can adjust it, to any angle to suit you. The units are manufactured in the UK.

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