MBS Hand Held UVB Narrowband Units

Hand Held UVB Narrowband units

UVB light treatment utilising the Philips Narrowband tube (TL01 and PL01 lamps) technology has been recognised for several years as the leading tube on the market for treating psoriasis, vitiligo and similar skin conditions. They are the same tubes used in hospitals and clinics worldwide. You will find all our units at MBS contain either a Philips UVB narrowband TL01 or PL01 tube (The PL01 tube is a smaller version of the larger TL01 tube).

Some people suffer with psoriasis or vitiligo all over the body and would require a professional full body unit to treat the condition at home but a large number of people just have a very small localised area, and require treatment, perhaps, just on the hand or elbow or knee or even in the scalp. Here at MBS we can supply a ‘hand held or slightly larger mini unit’ UVB light unit designed especially for use on smaller localised areas of the body for the treatment and prevention of psoriasis, eczema and vitiligo.

The hand held unit is small, compact and comes complete with a set of goggles, timer, full instruction booklet and a detachable comb attachment for treating the scalp areas. It is supplied in its own sturdy carry box for storage and safe carriage. Our hand held units contain the Philips PL01 narrowband tubes (a smaller version of the TL01 tubes), the leading tube on the market for treating psoriasis, vitiligo and eczema as well as some other skin conditions that react positively to UVB light treatment. The small unit allows you to concentrate just on the affected areas and avoids any unnecessary exposure to other parts of normal skin.

It’s amazingly simple to use, just hold the lamp as close as possible to each of the affected areas and let the Philips Narrowband tube get to work. Session times and frequency of treatment are based on skin type, so the comprehensive instruction booklet supplied with the unit should be read thoroughly before using – determine your skin type and follow the timings. If you follow the instructions carefully you should soon see a vast improvement in your condition. It can vary slightly from person to person but this would usually be within 4 to 8 weeks of starting the treatment.

Just to repeat – this hand held unit is excellent for treating small localised areas but is not suitable if you have the condition in several areas or all over your body. For more help and guidance visit our website make sure you select the right unit to treat your condition. You can also learn more about light therapy, narrowband treatment and how it can make a significant difference to your condition and help you to lead a normal life.

All our products are VAT free as these types of conditions are classed as chronic and reoccurring.

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