Philips Narrowband TL01 and PL01 Tubes

Philips TL01 tube

Here at MBS, we are committed to the advancement of phototherapy as a form of treatment which can vastly improve the quality of life for those suffering from chronic skin conditions.  Studies have repeatedly found that UVB light can be very effective in treating a wide range of complaints, with patient satisfaction ratings as high as 98.8%.  However, not all UVB devices are built to the same exacting standards as those used in hospitals and clinics throughout the world.  How can you find the best quality equipment to treat your condition, and avoid poor quality imitation components?  Read on…

Any kind of machinery or equipment works at its best when fitted with high quality components.  For example, you wouldn’t fit wooden wheels to your car in an effort to save a few pounds.  To anyone who uses light therapy equipment to treat skin conditions we can confidently recommend Philips Narrow Band UVB Medical Bulbs as the industry leading bulbs and tubes for your equipment.

The light from a Philips Narrowband Tube is at a specific wavelength designed especially to treat psoriasis and vitiligo. It is also highly beneficial for the treatment of eczema, scleroderma, vitamin D deficiency, acne, atopic dermatitis, alopecia, lichen planca or pityriasis rosea. MBS supply a range of cabinet and canopy  phototherapy units to treat your condition containing the market leading Philips Narrowband Tube technology.  Smaller mini units and handheld devices are also available for treating smaller areas of skin.  Philips UVB Narrowband Tubes are available in a range of sizes for these different applications. The Philips TL01 Narrowband Tubes are used in the larger units and the Philips PL01 tubes are used in the smaller units. Philips are a Dutch multinational company known worldwide for their innovative, high quality electronics products.  Philips’ manufacturing ethic involves using the finest quality materials to produce appliances and components which are absolutely fit for purpose.   The firm have built an enviable reputation as the manufacturers of unique and market leading products by making unparalleled performance, rather than balance of costs, their driving principle.  In areas such as medical care, this makes a critical difference – as is often said, you can’t put a price on your health.  At MBS, we only use Philips UVB Bulbs in all our light therapy equipment, and we also have Philips TL01 and PL01 tubes for sale on our website.

What kind of results can you expect when you use phototherapy equipment fitted with Philips narrow band UVB medical bulbs?  If you have had similar treatment at a hospital or clinic for a skin disorder, you will know just how effective this kind of therapy can be. Most of the units in hospitals contain Philips Narrowband Tubes and by using a light therapy cabinet or canopy from MBS Much Better Skin, you can enjoy the same benefits at your own convenience and in the comfort of your own home.  The procedure has been proven, and supported by over 400 independent clinical studies, to have a positive effect on psoriasis and vitiligo as well as many other skin diseases that react positively to UVB light treatment. To find out more about our products and the treatments they are used for, contact us here.

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